We choose Jesus to be the center of our world. What would Jesus do? We seek first His Kingdom and allow His Word to guide us. We train, equip and advance people toward an authentic, passionate and effective relationship with Jesus.

We live and make decision by radical but secure faith. What is the Holy Spirit saying? We are ready to take risks, get creative, and move quickly as the Holy Spirit leads.

We have FUN and choose to live life together! Let’s create stories and make memories together, and impact the world at the same time!

We love and value people. People of all colors, cultures, dress, lifestyles, and economic status are welcome. We want to live life with you – we want to hear your story, you are unique and uniquely called to make impact. We will challenge you to conform to the Word of God and use his standards to mature and transform you.

We are all broken and in need of a Savior to heal and transform us. We are all on a journey from brokenness to healing. We are real and authentic but sensitive to triggers and brokenness of one another in the midst of the healing process.

Church and family are messy, but we are for each other. We stick it out for the long haul to grow and become healthy together. We don’t quit and walk away when we hit a wall. We need each other.

We help people find health, their gifts and talents, and their purpose. We are about people, purpose, and transformation, not programs, budgets, buildings, or personalities.

We encourage everyone to create “simple churches.” As we grow larger, we need to grow smaller and more intimate simultaneously. We meet the inward needs while encouraging an outward focus.

We believe in multi-generations learning from each other. Each generation is unique and has something it can teach as well as something it can learn. We are open to learning no matter what age.

We create opportunity for spiritual, cultural, and relational transformation in the individual, the church, the community, and the world simultaneously. (Eph.4:11-16)