Fuel Tots & Kids


Your amazing, beautiful, talented, affectionate gifts from God will be hanging out with you as a family during  worship (gives a great opportunity for the family to worship together). After worship, just before the message, parents may take their tots (0-3 years) and their kids (4-10 years) to their Sunday School classes, where an awesome teaching team has lessons especially designed for them.  They will be in their classes for the remainder of the service unless it is communion or baptism Sundays, and the teachers will bring their classes back to finish the end of the service with their families.  Children are our future.  We believe in creating an environment where children can learn and grow in spiritual matters at a young age.

0-3 YRS

There are a variety of activities the tots may be involved in: playing with others their age, playing with toys, reading Bible stories, coloring, and watching Christian themes videos.

4-10 YRS

Fuel Kids will be taught the Word of God through their own interactive time of teaching, object lessons, songs, and games. The moment your child walks into church, we want them to know that they are loved and valued…we want them to come back next Sunday! So give us your feedback how they liked church today!