Purpose of Fuel Church

Did you know that only 23% of the population of Colorado attends church? Why is that?

That is the question we have been asking ourselves on this journey of this new church plant. As we listened to people in our communities we heard some of the same things over and over – “I don’t connect with anyone at church” – “I am looking for family, and have not found it” – “I just don’t like church” – “people at church live one way on Sunday and another during the week” We Agree! Obviously, we need to start doing something different. There are many people who are not experiencing the presence and power of God in a relevant way, in a way that has impacted them and transformed their lives, their families, or their communities. Fuel Church is a place built on Authentic relationships, an environment where they experience God, not just talk about Him, live life together, and watch the Holy Spirit transform our lives and our families. Fuel Church is a place where people begin to ask the questions: “What’s my purpose? What has God called me to do with my life? How can I make an impact?” At Fuel Church, we are here to help train, equip, and release people into their God-given destinies, to help others experience lasting transformation.

What can you expect to experience at a Sunday morning service at Fuel Church?

Front Door

You will be welcomed by someone on the Connection Team. They might ask how you heard about Fuel Church…maybe reach out to you with a hand shake or give you a hug. These are ordinary people with their own challenges and messiness, but they love and value people. If you have kids ages 0-10, you can sign them up at the counter for their classes especially designed for them.


If you arrive before 10:00am, you will be invited to have a cup of coffee, and a donut…can’t go into the service on an empty stomach! You might be asked what your name is again and how you found out about Fuel Church.


The worship team’s goal is to lead you into an encounter with God. It’s about Him, not us. The worship team consists of talented musicians of all levels and all ages who volunteer their time and talent. After and engaging and spirit-centered worship time, the Fuel Tots and Fuel Kids (ages 0-10) as well as middle school (ages 11-14) will be dismissed for their classes for the remainder of the service.  As we continue in a worshipful atmosphere, we will transition into offering time.


Every Sunday you will be given an opportunity to invest into the ministry of Fuel Church. If it is your first visit, we do not want you to feel under pressure to give but feel free. For those who have chosen to make Fuel Church your home, we encourage you to give financially as a part of your worship. Your tithes and offerings help propel ministry in this community and in the nations. Together, we are making a difference. Next up..the Message!

The Message

Pastor Dan is the primary preacher/teacher/talker/ pontificater and all around good guy at Fuel Church. You will enjoy his humor, insights and practical applications of how all this applies to your life today. Pastor Dan will either share on a particular theme for a few weeks or teach chapter by chapter on a book of the Bible. From time to time we will have guest speakers as well.


If you would like prayer, we want to encourage you to ask for prayer in your Discussion Group, fill out a prayer card, or stay after the service for Pastor Dan and Maria to pray with you.


This is an exciting time for us! A time to Celebrate!! We invite you to take communion with us monthly and on special occasions if you have asked Jesus to be the Lord of your life.

Water Baptism

We believe that every Follower of Jesus needs to be water baptized as a statement of making Jesus the Lord of their lives. You can be water baptized at church, at home, in a lake…wherever it is going to be meaningful to you.

Next Steps

– Watch the online Growth Tracts Series with Pastor Dan

– Get involved in a Simple Church

– Plug into a Celebration Service