Perfectly Alright

Dec 4, 2022    Pastor Jerrell Sarmiento

One way or another, as believers, we'll have a conversation about what we believe and why. When someone asks you why you believe in God or the Bible, you can share your heart and relationship with Jesus. Do we give a watered-down answer not to get into "that" conversation, or are we "perfectly alright" with accepting anything and everything to avoid conflict or rejection? Let's talk about it!

Pastor Jerrell shares the sermon today.

Sermon Scriptures


John 20:25-29 NIV

1 Timothy 6:16 ESV

1 John 1:14 / 16 NIV

Exodus 15:11 NIV

Isaiah 40:25-26 NIV

Matthew 7:15-20 NIV

2 Timothy 4:3 ESV

2 Timothy 3:1-4 ESV

Romans 3:23 & 25 NIV

2 Peter 1:3-11 ESV

If you have said “Yes!” to Jesus or if you want to accept Jesus into your heart, please let us know! we want to walk with you on this new path you have chosen. Reach out to us via email at so we can come beside you.

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